How does AndAlso work?

If you’re a business, simply fill out a 2-minute talent request form describing your hiring needs. A Talent Acquisition Specialist will be in touch and will design a hiring process for the role(s) you’re looking for. We’ll post the job within our vetted talent community, as well as externally, and provide you a shortlist of the top candidates within a week. You can then interview these candidates and make a selection.

What kinds of roles can I hire for?

Sky’s the limit! From entry-level to senior, across operations, sales, marketing and finance. Even executive assistants. If there’s a position you can think of, there’s a good chance we can recruit for it.

Here are some actual remote positions we’ve staffed:

  • Operations: Project Manager, Operations Associate, Admin Assistant (Legal), Executive Assistant, Operations Manager, Data Quality Associate
  • Marketing: Director of Marketing, Head of Growth, Social Media Manager, Email Marketing Coordinator, eCommerce Marketing Manager
  • Creatives: Designer (Brand, Growth, Marketing, Product), Podcast/Video Editor, eCommerce Photo Retoucher, Instagram Content Creator, Content Writer/Copywriter
  • Sales: Sales Rep (phone, email), Lead Generator, Lead Verifier, Growth Associate (outbound sales)
  • Finance: Cloud Bookkeeper, Finance Associate, Accounting Coordinator, Finance Controller
  • Technical: Business Intelligence Analyst, Data Quality Associate, Automation Specialist, ERP System Integration Specialist
  • Client Services Customer Support, Account Manager, Virtual Front-Office Officer (phone, email)
  • HR: Technical Recruiter, HR Associate

Does my hire work in my timezone?

It’s up to you! When your Talent Acquisition Specialist gathers your requirements, that’s one of the things they ask about. Workers in the regions we source from are used to working in remote-friendly time zones. If that’s important to you, we’ll only shortlist candidates that are happy to work during your business hours.

I have no experience with hiring. Can you help me?

For sure! Your Talent Acquisition Specialist can provide as much or as little support as you need. From interview funnel design, to interviewing best practices, scorecards for you and/or your hiring team to use, as well as sample contracts to use for your hire. We’ve got your back, and will help ensure the hiring experience you provide to your candidates is a great one.

Can AndAlso integrate into my business’s existing hiring tools and processes?

Yep! We can integrate into your existing hiring process, and send shortlisted applicants directly to your HR recruiting software.

What if it doesn’t work out with my hire?

If, within the first month of employment, you find out that your hire is not a good fit, just let your Talent Acquisition Specialist know. While we try to ensure your job’s hiring process will filter out anyone who isn’t a good fit, we understand that there can be complications once someone begins work. We’ll find a replacement hire that fits better, for free, to ensure you and your business are happy.

Any other questions? Email us at info@and-also.com