Tiered & Transparent Pricing

Our Process

Just like dating, we need to get on the same page and give consent. 

  1. We start with a very chill onboarding call – we see if there is some chemistry, you share your hopes, dreams and fears. If there is a spark…
  1. We are all about consent.
    • Customized scope of work is created with our clear deliverables and transparent pricing fees articulated. 
    • We sign agreements that we will do right by each other for a certain amount of time (90 day min)
    • Based on your specific goals or pain points, kick off to go live timelines are launched.
  1. You let us do our thing, we put the plan in motion. You win more, you work less.
  1. We’re hopelessly devoted… AndAlso  keep the magic alive.
    • Depending on scope and tier of support, we set up weekly/monthly check ups
    • Your new brand evangelists (our talent) is available for query and our founders (Mom and Dad) can be reached for some extra spice.

Our founders are award-winning experts in their fields and your personal account team are highly equipped and trained in meeting your goals with a customized plan. New clients are responsible for a $250, one-time onboarding fee.
See prices and services below!

Starter Kit

$99.99 Per Month

  • Post Every 3 Days
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  •  Instagram
  •  Twitter
  •  1 Weekly social media video
  • Your Personal Dashboard
  •  1 Monthly Revision
  • Custom- Tailored Content
  • Content In Your Branding
  •  24/7 Phone Support
Upgrade U Vibe

$199 Per Month

  • Post Every 2 Days
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • 3 Monthly Social Media Videos
  • 1 Monthly Revision
  • Custom-Tailored Content
  • Content In Your Branding
  • Your Personal Dashboard
  • 24/7 Phone Support
Cheugy To Boujee

$299 Per Month

  • Post Every Day
  •  Facebook
  •  LinkedIn
  •  Instagram
  •  Twitter
  •  Youtube
  •  Telegram
  •  Google My business
  •  VK
  •  Tumblr
  •  Reedit
  •  7 Monthly Social Media Videos
  •  Custom-Tailored Content
  •  Content in Your Branding
  •  24/7 Phone Support


Packages include:

Build-A-Brand | $250
Brand Glow-Up | $750 +

Website On Beast

Select the tier that works for you:

Build | $1000
SEO | $600
Fixer Upper | *pricing discussed during onboarding
Makeover | *pricing discussed during onboarding

A-La-Carte Solutions

Add-ons to complement any package:

Social Chatter | $300
SEM | $2000 +
Marketing Drip Campaigns | $1200
Awareness + Online Reputation | $800
Social Ads + Boosting | $1000

Ready to level up?