Virtual Medical Assistants

Hire the world’s best Virtual Medical Assistants at AndAlso

AndAlso provides Fully Managed HIPAA compliant Virtual Medical Assistants to practices and providers so you can focus on what you do best  and let the VA handle those mission-critical tasks.

Our Process​

Client Discovery

We start off with a quick discovery call to understand your needs. Our seasoned Customer Success Managers help you materialize your requirements for a streamlined approach towards onboarding your VMA.

VMA Assignment

Our expert team evaluates your requirements within 12 hours and assigns the best resource to you. You may also interview a VMA before finalizing so see situational fitness. The resource is briefed about the project, given initial training and made available for you within 24 working hours.

VMA At Your Service

Your dedicated, supervised and well trained VMA will be at available to add value to your team within 24-hours. You can count on the service with your eyes closed.

Front Desk Assistants At Your Service

At AndAlso our teams are exceptional in handling your front desk for you. Be it checking eligibilities, scheduling appointments, providing chat support, handling patient calls or simply managing your emails and calendar your assistant will be fully experienced.

Bring on the Billing and Coding tasks

Teams at AndAlso are immensely trained in complete Revenue Cycle Management. You can choose a Billing VMA to get your Billing, AR, Credentialing, PA and RCM related tasks taken care of without a single worry.

Pick a VMA Service

Choose from any of the following to get a VMA expert in that service.

Call Handling

Taking inbound and outbound calls, talking to patients and customers, our English and bilingual VMAs can do it all.

Appointment Scheduling

Speaking to clients and setting up appointments.

Patient Statements

Sending out statements & reducing patient debt.

Social Media Management

Creatively handling social media presence.

Personal Tasks

Handling emails, manage calendars and bookings, taking calls etc.


Submitting and get approvals on Pre-Authorizations.

Denials Management

Working on and reducing your Practice’s denials.


Posting charges in the EMR.

Any Tasks

Throw any tasks at us and we will gladly complete that for you.